Face Makeup Tutorial - Applying Foundation Perfectly

Face Makeup Tutorial

Many people seem to think that when applying makeup they can put on their foundation and powder quickly and that they will create the “look” with their eye makeup and lip makeup details. The reality is applying face makeup correctly means spending time preparing your face for makeup as well as carefully applying your foundation, concealer and powder. This face makeup tutorial will detail how to get a great looking makeup base to ensure that when you start the eye and lip details, they are being applied to an already flawless makeup base.

Preparing your face for makeup

Preparing your face properly for makeup application can mean starting a few hours before you want to actually apply the makeup. This depends on your skin type and treatments you use, as well as the current condition of your skin. Our skin condition can change depending on several things, which is why we may have a period of days where our usually normal skin is oilier than usual or we outside conditions may have affected our skins appearance temporarily. A good example of this is if perhaps we have been on holiday, or swimming, these could cause our skin to feel a little dryer than normal. This means that when we are preparing our face for makeup we may need to alter our usual routine to achieve a flawless look.

Makeup tutorial – Step one

Facial cleansing – most of us use a combination of cleansers, toners and moisturizers every day to keep our skin supple and free from blemishes. For face makeup application, you should cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser about an hour before makeup application. Unless your skin condition is different than usual you can use the cleanser you always use, if it is oilier than normal you should use a gentle cleanser and toner. For skin that feels dry you should also use a light cleanser but no toner.

Moisturizing – Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for healthy looking skin and you should moisturize immediately after cleansing your face. I like to do this after cleansing and again about twenty minutes before I apply my face makeup. I use my regular moisturizer after my cleanser to hydrate my skin and for the second application I like to use a thicker cream mixed with a small amount of liquid foundation. This give my skin a boost and light, natural looking tone before I have even started applying any foundation.

Makeup Tutorial – Step Two – Face Makeup Application


Concealer is used to lighten dark circles under the eyes, many women skip this vital application, choosing to use their foundation on the under eye area instead. This is a mistake, concealers and correctors are designed for specific tasks and your foundation is not going to achieve the same results.

Apply concealer under the eyes starting at the inside and working outwards. You should cover any dark area with concealer and blend in using your finger. Lastly, seal the concealer with a sheer loose powder

Choosing makeup foundation – I like to use a blend of foundations to achieve the best match for my skin tone. Foundation is used to even out the skin tone and improve texture. When properly applied it can give a smooth and healthy looking appearance to the face, when applied badly it can looked caked and in some cases flaky. Badly blended foundation also shows lines, which make you look like you are wearing too much makeup.

Foundations come in a variety of forms, they can be light, like a tinted moisturizer, a tinted balm for very dry skin, liquid, whipped, stick or mineral foundation to name just a few. The only way to choose the correct foundation for your skin is to firstly asses your skin type, from there you can decide whether you need an oil free foundation, best for oily skin or a moisturizing foundation, which is better for dry skin. Stick foundation can be used for almost any skin type and is the choice for many professionals as it appears well on camera.

Finding the correct shade of foundation

This is not always easy and sometimes you may need to blend your foundations to get the perfect match. A good match of foundation should almost disappear when applied. The foundation you choose should be yellow based.

Tips for selecting foundation

Always test in natural light (the same goes for face makeup application)

Test multiple shades on your face, your wrist will not do, nor will the back of your hand.

Ask for assistance or advice if you are not sure when buying foundation.

Your face should be clean and dry when you go shopping for face makeup, there is no point in trying to buy makeup when you are already wearing some.

Applying your foundation

Using your foundation stick or applicator you should start by applying a small amount of your chosen foundation to the nose area; you should then sweep the makeup along the cheek to the hairline. Do this on both sides. Blend the foundation outwards. Starting each time from your nose, to cover the entire cheek where needed. For your forehead, sweep the foundation across the middle of the forehead and blend, do the same for your chin area.

Makeup tutorial – Step 4

Face powder – some women skip this step entirely but it is a great way to seal and set your makeup. You should choose a power that matches your foundation shade. If you choose a shade lighter by mistake you can remedy it by adding a little bronzer, but it is best to get a match.

These steps are an essential part of applying face makeup and if you take the time to choose the perfect shades for your skin, adequately prepare your face before makeup application and follow the guidelines you will have a natural looking, soft and smooth flawless finish. Next you can get artistic with your eye shadow, read the eye makeup tutorial for ideas!

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