Fabulous Face Painting Cheek Art

It’s Creative Makeup Fun!

Did you know that you can do face painting cheek art designs with makeup? It’s a new fun way to wear fabulous makeup anytime. Next time you want to go wild with makeup try it. It’s simple, easy way to have fun with instant makeup designs! The fantasy makeup tips on this page will help you start exploring new ways to use your cosmetics!

Simple Face Painting

facepainting cheek artStart off by selecting the type of design you want. Simple face painting cheek art designs work great.
Try doing freehand designs that flow like the one the left. There are no mistakes with this type of face painting – It’s artistic expression!
The cheek area is perfect for designs like a star or half moon. If you’re doing fairy makeup then designs like small flowers and swirls are perfect.
For vampire makeup looks try lightning bolts, webs or even the letter “V.”
The new gel eyeliner pens in rich intense colors are great to use for face painting designs.

“Mineral makeup pigments give rich color!”

How To Face Paint

Makeup Trick: There’s a simple makeup trick that makeup artists use for blending makeup and it works great for face painting cheek art. You can use a small amount of liquid glycerin mixed with water to make powders blend better and last longer. However, it’s better to use just distilled water. Water will actually intensify the color.
IMPORTANT: Never use this on children. You need to be aware of the fact that some people react to glycerin – it can burn their skin. Always do a skin test on the inside of the elbow before you use it. Do not use it near the eyes.
Using Stencils: If you want to do a design like a star then use a stencil. Dip a white makeup wedge into a little distilled water and squeeze it dry. Then swipe it across a gold eyeshadow and dab over the stencil. You can make stars that are more vivid by using blue and violet colors. You can even create the base with a blue or violet and then dab silver eyeshadow over it.

Simple Face Painting Designs

Freehand face painting with makeup is fun! It’s done by using a combination of colored eyeliner pencils and eye shadows. There are two ways to do it:
    • You can outline a design first and fill it in with color.
    • Or you can color and then outline for more definition.
    • Embellish your designs with crystal tattoos.
  • Temporary tattoos can be cut apart and combined with face painting to make a truly unique design.
Experiment with a design on your arm first and see which method you prefer. It’s an easy area to practice on.
Take a makeup brush with a fine tip like you would normally use to apply concealer and use that one to fill in small delicate areas.
Simple Tip
Use mineral makeup metallic eye-shadow in place of glitter. It will give you the same effect and its looks more elegant than glitter.

Using makeup for face painting cheek art works beautifully, but remember it’s not designed to last as long as regular face paint. That’s why it’s used primarily for face painting on adults. It’s great for fantasy pictures, a few hours at a festival or an evening party. 

When you’re ready to take your artistic skills to the next level then explore using airbrush makeup designs with professional makeup products.

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