Eye Makeup, An essential part of makeup

A wise has said once, eye is the mirror of heart. It has its known language and it speaks very loud. Eye is indeed an important part of your body. Without eye makeup, your make up process is incomplete. Beautiful eyes make you look beautiful but a bad eye makeup can end up looking you horrible. So what are the basic steps that you need to do when you are trying to put makeup on your eyes.


Steps for Eye Makeup
  • Start your eye makeup with concealer. It will cover all the dark circles and discoloration under your inner circle of eyes.
  • Always try to pat and not rub your concealer while applying. Try at least three coats.
  • Then apply Eye shadow primer to your eyelid. It will help to maintain your eye shadow very long even if your eye is glossy or oily.
  • Then it is the time to use eye linear. You can choose pencil or liquid as per your choice. Just try to line very close to your upper lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. It will give your eye a natural look. For smudge look, just smudge the bottom line of your eyeliner with tip of your figure. If you want a smoky look, pat in a dark eye shadow with your brush and apply it to upper lid and lower lid.
How to apply Eye Shadow:
  • Now time to use eye shadow. Use eye shadow color according to the time of day. In day time it is good to apply light eye shadow, for a party you can go for dark or multicolor shadows.
  • If you want, you can now highlight your eyes and eyebrow with a good highlighter. With a little extra use of eye shadow you can actually highlights your eyes very well.
  • Now with mascara give a curl to your eye lashes and you are ready to rock the world with your beautiful eyes.
Common Mistakes:
  • Never use blush in place of eye shadow. You may end up looking as vampire instead of diva.
  • Using liquid foundation for eye base can harm your eyes.
  • If you are not going for any Halloween party, avoid very bright eye shadows.
  • Don’t make very harsh eye shadow line instead make it blended with soft curve.
  • Your eyeliner must be proportionate of your eye size.
You may choose different makeup for different eye color. Like Eye makeup of brown eyes are completely different that the green or black one. So choose eye shadow that matches with your eye.

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