Drinking tea everyday makes you beautiful

Chrysanthemum tea
 Chrysanthemum tea contain compounds beneficial to the immune system, helping them strengthen their resistance against diseases. Chrysanthemum tea is known first and foremost in ancient Egypt to the effects of relaxation and beauty for women. 
Increasingly, scientific research today and discovered a series of unique features such as chamomile cure back pain, lower abdominal pain ... Especially, you do or motion sickness, you can use flower tea buttons to feel more comfortable when traveling there! 
Green Tea
 Not much debate about the benefits of green tea you baby!? Green tea can say is the most famous people in the tea family there. With the advantage of easy drinking, easy and a lot of good for health and beauty, green tea has long been Asians, especially Chinese people favor. Green tea helps increase metabolism, support the process of finding the girl of your waist! Also, with a large anti-oxidants, green tea helps prevent cancer and to beautify the skin that typically reverse aging! 
White Tea
Play the name may seem strange to you? But in fact white tea has been used for a long time. And a surprise is the new white tea is the tea contains the most antioxidants (more than green tea). 
So, in addition to the anti-aging, such as green tea, white tea is known for its work in preventing dental disease.Many studies have shown that white tea also helps protect you from the intestinal disease. 
Mint tea
The most prominent feature is the smell helps the user feel fresh and relaxed. In addition to the above characteristics, the mint tea is very good for patients breathing with the girlfriend or abdominal pain, with the men you play sports or muscle pain ... Peppermint is also good friends in the fight against insomnia count! 

Ginger tea
Perhaps no stranger to you that every time when abdominal pain, mix the drink warm ginger tea you will feel better. Scientists have discovered the benefits of ginger tea not only in the treatment of abdominal pain but also help prevent travel sickness vomiting, joint pain relief. In addition, the most common uses of ginger tea to explain feelings. 

Licorice Tea
Add an herbal tea with natural sweetness helped ease the stress relaxes. In addition, licorice also help you cure a sore throat, help type headache dizzy flight. Significantly the licorice tea can help lower your hunger! (Those who are planning to lose weight keep this item on the menu OK!)

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