Setting up your Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore! Bracket is sharing their fun and easy tutorial for a DIY cornucopia centerpiece. We love the geometric shape and that you can create your own color palette for any holiday dinner! This is also an adorable hostess gift for your friends or family if you aren’t the one hosting the dinner party. The contrast of the dark red and green floral arrangement against the gold cornucopia. Check out the tutorial below:
“Add a modern touch to your Thanksgiving or any gathering this holiday with a gem centerpiece! We turned it into a modern cornucopia by spray painting it antique gold, but you can use any color you want for your event. Would look so great in pink too for a bridal shower. Here’s how you make one!”
  • Flowers
  • 2 Balsa wood pieces 1/16 x 4 x36” – found at any craft store!
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Spray paint
  1. Download gem template, print, and cut out pieces.
  2. Use template to cut out 5 pieces of each piece out of the wood. You will need 1 whole sheet of wood plus a little extra. Wood is very soft, so cut lightly to not make cracks in your wood.
  3. Begin taping top trapezoid piece with bottom triangle piece. With the bottom of the trapezoid facing you, place tape over hanging along bottom edge facing down. Then line up the top of triangle with the bottom of trapezoid and tape together. This will make sure your tape is on the inside of the gem. Make sure the trapezoid is taped at an angle towards you. Cut away excess tape on the sides.
  4. Repeat with all 5 pieces.
  5. Now tape the triangle sides together to begin to shape the diamond. With pointed edge of triangle facing you, put tape along the edge, letting it over hang, and facing downwards. Line up two sides of triangles and tape together, all the way up to the top of the trapezoid. The trapezoid pieces will begin bending inward. Tape all the sides together until you have a complete gem.
  6. Continually be checking back/outside of gem to make sure the sides are lining up.
  7. Once taped up, spray paint any color you desire!
  8. Once the paint has dried, lay on center of table and begin placing flowers into your gem, and overflowing onto the table. Again, this is soft wood so place flowers in their softly. Place right before guests arrive to keep flowers fresh, or you could buy small test tube vases to make flowers last longer.
  9. And done! Now you have a beautiful, modern centerpiece.

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