Amazing Smokey Eyes Seven Steps For Visual Impact

Smokey eyes look totally hot and they’re easy to create. The trick is in knowing the easy makeup techniques to create them. These step by step instructions show you the easiest way to dress up your brown eyes, play up your baby blue eyes or give your mesmerizing green eyes or hazel peepers a sensational look. Have you tried a new look lately?

Smokey Eye Shadow Tips

smokey eyesThere are some differences in makeup styles for day and evening and the way you create them. For subtle smokey eyes choose neutrals or lighter shades of eyeshadow colors. Evening makeup calls for more contrast and deeper shades of eyeshadow. Keep the following make up tips in mind when you are selecting colors.
Start by choosing your best eye makeup colors:
Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes
Eye Shadow For Green Eyes

Best Colors For Day Or Evening Looks

smokey eyes for brown eyes
Daytime Eye Makeup: Brown, taupe, gray and violet all work well.
 Look for the eyeshadows where you have have both a medium shade and a dark one in the palette.

Make sure one shade is in the medium range and that it is a matte color.
 If you prefer a shimmer just make sure it’s subtle and not a glitter.
Apply eyeliner that is either brown or black. You can use your favorite eye shadow makeup as eyeliner, too. Pencils and liquid eyeliner work well on top of matte eyeshadows.

Evening Eye Makeup: Deep colors like dark gray, purple, navy and black work better. Contrast is the key to this look. Pair a deeper shade with a bright highlighter to really make the color pop.
Shimmer makeup and metallic eyeshadow look awesome. You can even go with glitter for creative makeup looks. Dark is the name of the game so choose color with intensity.

Smokey Eyes In Seven Steps

This is a look that works for just about any eye shape or color. Check out which colors to use for your particular eyes and start applying eye makeup step by step:
Step 1 First use an eyeshadow base or an oil-free foundation on your eyelids to help your eye makeup go on smoothly and adhere better.
Step 2 Take your medium color of eyeshadow and use it on your lid and above the crease area. Do not take it all the way up to the eyebrows. On the outer corner of your eyes, keep it in an upwards motion.
Step 3 Use either your shadow brush or flat eyeliner brush and place the same color of eyeshadow under your eyes as though you were lining them and bring the color upwards until it meets the color you applied to the crease area.
Step 4 Smudge under your eyes with a cotton swab. You may need a second coat. If so, now is the time to apply it.
Step 5 Line both your upper and lower eyelids using the easy eyeliner method.
Step 6 Take a pale color of eyeshadow in an ivory or very light pink and use it under your eyebrows to give more emphasis to the crease color. Place a little at the inner corner of the eye area next to the bridge of your nose.
Step 7 Use a black mascara and apply with the smudge proof mascara technique. 

subtle smokey eyes
smokey eyes makeup tip

Enhancing The Look

When you’re going for subtle smokey eyes make sure that you keep your lipstick color lighter too. If you find that you need more color then use a blush in the same range of color as your lipstick. You can even wear a frosted lipgloss over your lipstick.

This is a very feminine look and once you try it, you’ll find out that it’s not hard to accomplish at all. Just choose the right colors for your smokey eyes and you’ll have a look that works for day and night.

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