A Warm Winter Outfit Of the Day !


I genuinely believe that there are two kinds of people who never feel cold in life. The first are Penguins , and the other are teenage  girls in Delhi ! I know i was one of them but now i cannot for the life of me understand how you can put on a slinky strappy dress when literally it feels like Alaska outside (plus when did goosebumps become trendy huh) ! So yes , call me boring but id rather be wrapped in layers come January, and when im heading out for a fun afternoon date, this outfit is a staple.
1. The brown tights are the MOST genius thing i own. You see they look like normal tights, but from the inside they are lined with fur. So they are warmer than any jeans or leg warmers or anything you can own. Plus i feel like a furry cat when i wear them ! :p
2. Blue Denim skirt picked up while street shopping in Sarojini Nagar like 5 years back
3. Warm Blue Woollen sweater is a gift from the mommy !
4. Blue pumps are from New York . I got these from Payless for like 1000 Rupees !
5. Orange bag is from Tory Burch. Blue with one pop of orange is my favourite thing to wear !
See..i can totally model for these blue pumps haan.


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