7 Things You Can’t Wear After Labor Day

We’re not ones to buy into so-called fashion rules. In fact, we think most are pretty lame—especially those that mandate what you can and cannot wear once Labor Day ends. (Um, white shoes are a must year round, people.)

However, there are a few particular things that should be packed away once summer ends, not because any hard-and-fast rules exist, but rather because they simply are so seasonal, that they’ll look out of place come fall. Most of these items are fabric related—lighter textiles such as airy white cotton, linen, canvas, and seersucker probably won’t be of use to you during the autumn months.
Below, here are 7 things you probably want to think about packing away once labor day weekends comes to a close. The good news? You still have five days to work ’em into your outfits!


Perhaps the most summery fabric of all, delicate eyelet is made from super lightweight cotton that’s just not made for fall.
If you love the look of delicate eyelet, try: Mesh pieces as the weather gets cooler—it’s thicker and more seasonal.

Photo: With Love 

A big floppy straw hat

Nothing says summer more than a glamorous oversize straw hat—which is why they should be packed away after Labor Day.

If you love the look of a big straw beach hat, try: A felt or wool version for fall. You can quite literally replicate the hat’s drama, just in a more seasonally-appropriate fabric.
Photo: What Olivia Did

Flower crowns

Flower crowns, flower headbands, or fresh flowers in your hair reads way too summery for fall. Proof: would you wear a flower crown with sweaters and jackets? Probably not, right?
If you love the look of flower crowns, try: Another killer hair accessory, like a knotted headscarf, a turban, or a headchain.

Photo: Late Afternoon

Floral Short-Shorts

Floral short-shorts doesn’t really translate past the summer months. Why? Because they’ll look strange paired with any fall staples like ankle boots, sweaters, or leather jackets, or tights.
If you love the look of floral shorts, try: Distressed denim shorts in basic blue. These still work in the fall when paired with all of the above.
Photo: Seams for a Desire

Light linen

Linen is another fabric that—like eyelet—should be packed away once summer ends, thanks to its light weight, easy-to-wrinkle makeup, and overall breezy appearance.
If you like the look and feel of linen, try: Fall-appropriate chambray instead.

Photo: Late Afternoon


Another quintessentially summer fabric, seersucker should be reserved for beach weekends, barbecues, and boat trips.
If you love the look of seersucker, try: Breton striped shirts. They’ve got a similar nautical vibe, but can be worn all fall and winter.

Photo: Brit Brit Land

Strapless maxi dresses

Nothing says summer like a loose, printed floor-grazing maxi dress in a super-lightweight fabric, especially strapless varieties.
If you love the look of loose maxi dresses, try: A long-sleeve version. They still have the breezy boho factor, but look incredibly chic and seasonal when paired with anything from pumps to boots.

Photo: Splash Studio

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