Starting your own business never seemed so easy! Or…that’s at least how we felt after reading this feature! Back with us again is business expert Jessica Nazarali, who is providing us with some pretty easy steps on how to create your own dream job! Too good to be true, right?! Read on for Jessica’s excellent advice on taking the big plunge!
jessica nazarali
“For years, even before I started working, I knew I wanted to have my own business. I daydreamed of shopping on weekdays over lunch with girlfriends, creating my own beautiful website & brand, and traveling all over the world whenever I wanted to hop on a plane.
Now I live that reality. But I also worked incredibly hard to get where I am.
Dreams are a great foundation, but on their own, they aren’t enough to come true. If you want to take your hopes and wishes for your future business and turn them into day-to-day reality, these are the steps you need to start taking!
Get in the right mindset. Identify any beliefs you have about the amount of money you’re capable of making, the number of clients or customers you could have, or how much success is possible for you. Then turn them into positive goals. Tell yourself affirmations about your potential every time you have a feeling of self-doubt.
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Start developing a niche. It’s common to want to pick out the fun stuff – pretty fonts and photo shoots – but before you dive into those details, first establish who your ideal clients or customers are and how you’ll serve them. That will later inform all of the branding and design, so save that fun stuff to look forward to!
Do your homework. Many aspects of entrepreneurship are not taught in school, so start reading books that will inspire you like Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich, as well as books about your niche and websites your ideal clients read.
Start writing. This is especially important if you don’t think of yourself as a good writer. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel, so I suggest you write a little every day. You can hold onto what you write and later on you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share it, but I suggest starting a blog to grow your following before you have a product. It sets up a strong foundation before it’s time to sell.
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Think about products and services. As you get to know your niche market, what opportunities do you see that need to be created? What do your ideal clients need that they don’t currently have? How do you know they need it? Start sharing your ideas with people who fit in your niche and incorporate their feedback.

Start assembling talent. You’re going to need excellent quality photos of yourself (selfies not included), time for customer service, lots of written content, graphic and website design, and behind the scenes technical know-how. You could learn all of that yourself and spend twice the amount of time with results half as good…or you could enlist help from experts who can do those tasks efficiently and effectively. Start looking for help in those areas now.
Put systems in place. One of the pitfalls I see among new coaches and entrepreneurs is a lack of systems to hold themselves and their teams accountable to their goals. Start noting the tasks that it takes to complete projects early on, and build in time to complete them and any infrastructure that will make them easier.
Most importantly…get started now! Don’t wait for your dreams. It’s not going to be any easier to get started tomorrow, next month, or two years from now. And starting now will bring those beautiful daydreams that much closer!

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