6 tips for summer makeup

It's summer time and it brings with it loads of living problems, makeup meltdown being one of them. So when there are problems , there are solutions too. Below are the 6 makeup tips for hot and humid weather. Although these tips may not be exhaustive but are definitely helpful.

Summer makeup
1. Primer
Primer before a foundation is just awesome. Apply primer on moisturized skin before you put foundation and concealer . Primer ensures the makeup to last for long hours.

2. Smudge proof makeup
Makeup should be smudge proof so that you look just perfect until you remove it yourself.

3. Invest in good  brands
Go for brands that suits your skin be it a makeup product or a makeup remover. Some low standard products could ruin your skin.

4. Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof mascaras are available in market . Use these mascaras to avoid any meltdown because of body sweat and humid weather.

5. Glitter tints
Are you experiment loving ? add some glitters to your vanity box as these are in this season and specially for eyes.

6. Minimal Makeup: 
In summers it is good to use less and light makeup otherwise there are chances of cracks appearring in makeup .

I would welcome some more makeup tips for summers & rainy season
in the comments below .

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