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A fresh coat of nail polish always improves my outlook, no matter what’s bringing me down. An at-home manicure is an easy, affordable way to brighten even my dreariest days. When I’m feeling out of sorts, I’ll plop down on the floor in front of the TV to give myself a manicure. 

Be good to yourself and your nails with the help of these 21 nail polish tips.

  1. Whitening Yellow Nails: Prolonged use of dark nail polish colors can cause nails to turn yellow. By following the tips in this post, you can get your nails back to their natural color.
  2. white1
  3. Fingernails FAQ, or Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fingernails but Were Too Afraid To Ask: Did you know that nails are 10 times more porous than skin or that nails get thinner as we age?
  4. rightfingernailsdec24pm
  5. Nutrition for Strong Nails: In this video nutrition expert Carla Kay dishes on what to eat for strong and healthy nails.
  6. carla
  7. How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Nail Polish: All it takes is one little bubble to ruin a great manicure. Keep these tips in mind.
  8. bubbles
  9. 11 Tips for a Perfect Homemade Manicure: Get great looking paws with this awesome step-by-step.
  10. 79
  11. 5-Minute Nail Polish Routine: This isn’t a long blog post, but I think it’s an overview that hits the nail on the head (LOL!).
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  13. How to Create Nail Flowers: The video’s a little grainy, but it’s one of the more helpful nail art ones I’ve found.
  14. flowers
  15. DIY Pedicure: A 1-2-3 post showing how to give yourself a good pedicure. Summer’s time to free your toes!
  16. CB107747
  17. Another DIY Home Pedicure Post: Like the link above, this post shows step-by-step how to prep and paint your toes.
  18. howpedi
  19. 5 Polish Color Must Haves: I have to agree with Rachel because I’m a fan of each of these shades.
  20. polish1
  21. Finding a Great Nail Salon: Here’s a fantastic article on what to look for when you walk in the door at your next prospective nail salon.
  22. 18pic
  23. How to Strengthen Fingernails: What you can do to have long and strong nails.
  24. strong
  25. Try Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish for Summer: I absolutely love this collection. OMG! Check out Oh, Tiff and Hot Summer Pink… I think I’m in love. 
  1. Ways to Rock Red Nail Polish: Bring out your inner glam diva with a set of sultry red nails. Grrr…
  2. red
  3. Taking Care of Your Nails: They take a beating throughout the day. Here’s what you can do to give them a hand.
  4. nail_care
  5. DIY Nail Art: Express your artistic talents on the ends of your fingers and toes.
  6. nailart1
  7. Tips and Tricks to Make Nail Polish Last: Getting chipped nails is about as much fun as getting cut off in traffic. Here are some tips on ways to extend the life of your polish.
  8. sparitual
  9. DIY Manicure Tips from Sally Hansen: Straight up — Sally Hansen knows nails. ‘Nuff said.
  10. sally
  11. How and Why to Use a Base Coat: When you’re looking for smooth color application, a base coat is the way to go.
  12. base1
  13. Cuticle Care: Keep your cuticles happy, and help your polish look that much better!
  14. treatment
  15. Ever More Manicure Tips: Where, oh, where do we begin? They say that softening your cuticles and shaping your nails are great places to start.
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