Finding the right beauty products for your skin isn’t always an easy task. With tons of products with extremely hefty price tags, you definitely want to get the most of your money! We are thrilled to have Kelsey of A Balancing Peach back with us today to let us in on her skin secretes. She is sharing her effective beauty products that she uses and trusts. After trying out countless serums and cremes, we are so excited that Kelsey has created this roundup to take out the hassle of finding the perfect beauty products!These favorites are definitely making us do a little online shopping today! Check out Kelsey’s top picks below:
I have collected quite the arsenal of skincare products anymore. I think it’s due to suffering from years of bad skin problems + the love for any “perfect skin” gimmick. Sadly, every beauty junkie out there knows the number of products that actually create perfect skin versus those that claim fame for doing so are slim to none. So if I had to pick the products that can actually back up their flashy advertising, these bad boys would be the ones:
Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant ($80)
The closest thing I have actually found to an actual at home microderm. Unlike other exfoliators, this product uses both physical and chemical exfoliants to help smooth out the surface of your skin. Tiny pharmaceutical grade crystals in the product helps skin tone and texture, and added lactic acid gently banishes dead skin cells. It definitely comes with a hefty price tag, but know that one in house microderm will cost you at least $80 and this Skin Exfoliant gets you a year’s worth of two microderms a week.
Doctor D. Schwab’s Flawless Skin Fluid ($39)
I’ve just discovered this product, but I have absolutely fallen in love with what it does for my skin. It seems to instantly correct any uneven skin tone and gives my skin a radiant, youthful glow. The fluid does seem a tad light for drier weather, but paired with a serum it works wonders.
Tatcha Rice Powder ($65)
By far this fun powder to liquid cleanser is my most favorite item in my skincare lineup. If the Dr.  Brandt Skin Exfoliant sounds a tad harsh for your sensitive skin, you will absolutely fall in love with this product. It’s a cleanser, toner and exfoliant all in one that gives you the freshest gentle clean feeling. It’s formulated with Japanese rise bran and crushed pearl, both ingredients known for their anti aging and calming exfoliant properties. The rice powder is such a fun water activated product that your skin will be begging for you to use. (You can also snag this in my favorite $15 travel size.)
Ole Henricksen Truth Serum ($72)
I was one of those beauty obsessed junkies that absolutely refused to buy into the whole serum trend. It’s not so much that I thought they are useless, but frankly they are often too ineffective considering how pricey they can get. Luckily, this lightweight, oil-free serum from the Ole Henricksen line is easily worth it’s price tag. With only two months use, I’ve noticed that my skin is visibly brighter and healthier. It’s chocked full of Vitamin C to promote anti-aging by supporting natural collagen and with green tea extract to aid in nourishing your skin. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it, and I’ll be buying this one over and over again.
Derma E Hydrating Night Creme ($30)
I was tired of putting out so much money into thick, goopy night creams for my skin. I took a risk on this affordable night cream and fell in love with what it does for my skin. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid meaning it seems much more gel like than creamy with it’s lightweight texture. It’s the one product that literally plumps my skin with one night’s use and it’s the one product that can soothe and treat stressed, dried out skin in a matter of minutes.

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