Setting your New Years goals may seem easy enough, but we all know the feeling too well of letting them slip by. Luckily, Lara Casey is here with us today to share her top three tips on making it happen in 2016! By following just a few simple steps, you can easily stay on top of your goals this new year – it’s even easier than you think! You will definitely be thanking us after reading this helpful advice, it’s never too early to start setting your goals. Make 2016 your year! Here’s what Lara has to say:
I used to get really frustrated when I would come to the end of a year, look back, and realize I made zero progress on some of my goals. “If I would have just tended to that goal little by little over time, I would have made some real progress!,” I would think to myself. So, I started studying goal setting. How could I make progress and have fun? How could I remove the pressure of traditional goal setting? The PowerSheets were born! I designed them to help women–whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, a mom, a student, or someone who needs solid guidance and motivation–uncover purpose-filled goals and strategically plan action steps to make what matters happen. After five years of using them, and watching thousands of women make meaningful progress, here are my top three tips for making what matters happen in 2016!
There is one sure way to start a year a bit cattywompus. How many times have you crammed goal setting into the few days between Christmas and the New Year? That’s four days. Four days when you are likely traveling, with family, or soaking up some rest. You can microwave your goals, or you can dig deeper and set goals that matter to you. A batch of fresh cinnamon rolls tastes a whole lot better when cooked slowly in the oven! You can set goals that are twenty levels below the surface, where the fiery good stuff lives, or you can just make resolutions that get forgotten and tossed aside come February 1. I’m going to start my goal setting now, and I invite you to join me!
How many unused journals do you have on your shelf? What about that adorable planner you bought last year and never touched? Good tools are meant to be used. Don’t wait till you have the perfect pen or timing. Forget about perfect handwriting — just dig in to your 2016 goal setting! Making it happen is all about progress, not perfection. In order to plant a garden, you have to get your hands dirty in the soil. It’s the same with growing good things in our lives. Make a mess and get your hands dirty!
How you spend your time is how you spend your life. It can feel impossible to stop and put the train brakes on in a busy holiday season and think about the coming year. I know this feeling well! But, when you take the time to dig into meaningful goals, you will have a clearer understanding of what to do with your time NOW and in the coming year—and where not to spend your time. So, dig in! Say yes to what matters and be done with all the rest. You will find simplicity and get your time back.
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