We are way too excited about the colder weather finally rolling in! With this cold weather comes more clothes, though, making it complicated to put together the perfect outfit. It’s hard to find the balance between fashion and warmth! We’re thrilled to have Andrea Corson of La Label Junkie on BFFF today to show us how to style an amazing cold weather look! A black and white chic outfit is perfect for a date, a night out with your girlfriends, or to run errands on the weekend. Check out Andrea’s cold weather look and her tips for staying warm and fashionable this winter:
“Winter outfit inspo is the most challenging of all four seasons, in my opinion. Let’s be honest: It can be tricky to think of how you’re going to pull it all together aesthetically when you’re barely able to figure out how to keep your tootsies dry while simultaneously preventing frostbite. There are survival tactic objectives under these circumstances AND you’re supposed to look chic and effortless?Yeah..right. Surprisingly, figuring it all out isn’t as difficult as one would think. Putting it all together is nearly formulaic (in a good way!). Start with your timeless pieces as building blocks and sprinkle in the  trends that pique your interest. The F/W 2015 runways were full of inspiration to throw into the mix this year: head to toe black and white, luxurious velvet pieces, candy colored pastels, not to mention a 70s, 80s and 90s revival all in one season. And in case you’re looking for a few simple ideas to spice up your winter wardrobe, scope out my tips below.
Rethink layering
Who says you can only wear one jacket? One of my favorite ways to layer up on especially cold days is to double up on coats. Pair a blazer with an oversized wool coat. Or freshen up an old coat that’s been hanging out in the back of your closet by layering this season’s signature long vest underneath. Don’t be afraid to get creative! There are so many incredible pieces out this year for layering, so venture out of your comfort zone and consider trying something you wouldn’t normally.
Repurpose seasonal items you’ve banished from your winter wardrobe 
Who says you can’t wear skirts and stay nice and toasty this winter? Add a pair of thick, tall socks or show-stealing over-the-knee boots and top off your ensemble with a long topper to break any wind gusts coming your way. You’ll be snug as a bug.


Photography by: Mike Avery
Styling by: Andrea Corson // La Label Junkie // @lalabeljunkie
Plaid Coat: Banana Republic
Cable-Knit Turtleneck: Anthropologie
Leather Pants: Club Monaco
Beanie: Target
Oxfords: Anthropologie
Leather Gloves: Vintage
Lips: Bite Beauty

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