So, What’s the Deal with Those Lip Balms?

Lip Balms
I get this question all. the. time. What’s up with those lip balm ball things? Exact wording.
Well. Let me tell you!
Those lip balms are by EOS and they are bundles of pure joy.

Fahim Ahsan

Inside that egg-like structure is an all-natural, shea-butter lippie. The colors are fun, the flavors scream summer (in fact, summer fruit takes me right back to junior high—in a good way), and the price is almost too good to be true.

 Sexy Lips Pro

While you’re filling your handbags with lip balms (let’s face it: these buddies aren’t’ gonna fit in your pocket), pick up an EOS hand lotion or two. They’re equally cute and the formula is so light and lovely. Enjoy!

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