Rat Trapping Tools

Featuring Wooden Snap Trap, Victor Trap, Tomcat Trap, Havahart Trap, Glue board and the Electric Buzzer

 Have you ever seen that face people make when they smell something bad? That's the same look you get when you mention the subject of rat trapping. Anyone who has ever trapped rats instantly has visions of creeping through piles of insulation and removing putrid dead rats from snap traps. That's enough to make anyone put it off another day. But, if you've got rat problems, you know you've got no choice. Getting rid of rats becomes priority number one.          

Since some people cannot stand the idea of killing anything, it is time to mention the live trap. Live traps such as the Havahart, will for sure catch rats. The drawback is you must transport the live rat a goodly distance from your house to release them or they will instinctively head back home. Also, please don't release them near other people's homes and cause them a new rat problem. Unfortunately, if dealing with a real rat infestation, live trapping is generally not feasible as it would cost quite a bit to purchase a large number of live traps to catch them quickly and reduce the population sufficiently. It might be an acceptable method if trying to remove one or two rats from the home though.

Finally, some people like to use glue boards. Glue boards will catch rats, but you'd best be prepared to remove a squirming, dying, and even screaming live rat stuck to a thick layer of glue. It is for those with strong stomachs and no qualms about dealing with suffering rodents. This is probably one of the least humane methods of trapping rats and also carries a higher risk of an injured rodent dragging himself off to die somewhere hard to find. Some will disagree with me, but my take is just don't use them.

Study the strengths and weaknesses of the various rat trapping devices and decide what would be best for your trapping project. It isn't fun getting rid of rats, but knowing what your options are will be vital to laying out a plan to eliminate these furry pests.

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