Nude Lipstick is the Answer to Everything


I’ve decided. Nude lipstick is the answer to everything. Well, at least in terms of beauty. Okay, sometimes bronzer may also be involved. BUT. If you’re not feeling festive enough or pretty enough or your favorite dress suddenly doesn’t look quite right but everyone is waiting for you in the car (ummmmm), the answer, sweet peas, is nude lipstick. It’s modern. It’s chic. It makes every outfit look better. People will probably ask you what lipstick you’re wearing so be sure to find a nude that brightens up your face, not makes it look like death warmed over. Oh, you’ll know. But it may require a bit of experimentation first. To get you started, I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites over at eBay, where I once bought a limited-edition MAC pinky-nude lipstick from Canada for $50 because it was sold out everywhere. Like I said, nude lipstick.  

P.S. Check out my other buying guides for ebay, where I like to shop and often write about it.

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