How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

We women have a strange obsession with decorating our eyes. It started before Cleopatra’s time and is still going strong. Perhaps it’s because our eyes are the windows to our souls, or maybe it’s because we instinctually know that well-placed, doe eyes make us appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

Whatever the reason - it seems like practically every woman wants to make her eyes look bigger. Well if nature didn’t give you a pair of your own, you can fake the look by using a few simple tricks.
Here’s how:

1. Set the stage! Groom those brows

Big bushy brows do absolutely nothing for your eyes. The best way to open up the eyes is to create a neat, natural arch.

Next, curl your eyelashes. I cannot stress what a huge difference this makes. Your eyes will immediately appear larger and brighter.
Finally, create a clean palette by using concealer to hide shadows and darkness.



2. Exaggerate – a little

Swipe a light, neutral eye shade over the entire lid – from lashline to brow bone. A vanilla or champaigne hue would be good here.
Using a medium-toned eyeshadow, create a C-shape toward the outer corner of your eyes. You can exaggerate a little at this point. Go a bit beyond the perimeter of your eye and a little above the crease. Make sure you keep the lower lid and browbone free of this shade. Also, make sure to use a small eyeliner brush to apply this shade to the lower lashline – you don’t want too much!
Use a highlighter color (something light and possibly reflective) on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. This will brighten and open up the eyes. You may also choose to dab a little highlighter on the center of your lower lid.




3. Eyeliner is the key!

Eyeliner can be a deciding factor in whether your eyes look bigger, or closed off. In general, your eyeliner should go from thick to thin – starting from the inner corner of the upper lid and ending a little bit beyond the outer edge of your eye.
- For far-set eyes, liner can be a consistent thickness.
- Forgo eyeliner all-together if your lower lid is tiny. If your heart is set on eyeliner, smudge a dark brown or black liner directly into the lashes. This will give your lashes a thicker, more defined look without consuming lid space.
Avoid liquid liner. It can appear heavy and cumbersome on small eyes. Instead, opt for a pencil or my favorite – a dark eye shadow applied with a slanted eyeliner brush.
*You may use a swipe of white eyeliner pencil on the waterline to brighten up the eyes. Don’t use more than a single swipe – or your lower lid will look like it’s been frosted.



4. Coat those (upper) lashes

Apply a black, thickening and lengthening mascara to the upper lashes. (I love love love L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lash mascara). Focus on the center lashes. This will help open up the eyes.
Now, for the lower lashes. Wipe away any excess mascara from the tip. Turn the wand vertically (pointing upwards), and gently apply mascara to the roots of your center and outer lashes. DO NOT LOAD UP ON LOWER LASH MASCARA!



The look I demonstrated is one of many that can be used to make eyes appear larger. Use colors and finishes that suit your taste.

Personally, I love small eyes and small lids. I think it’s cute and I wish I had small eye lids! It just goes to show, we all want something we don’t have.

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