How to Get Rid of Mice in House with Pepsi or Coca Cola

How to get rid of mice in house

How to Use Coke or Pepsi to Kill Rats

We all know what happens combining diet coke and mentos, but here we will teach you another use of this soft drinks. The step by step instruction explains how to get rid of mice that infest the house and garden, with a very simple helper and not harmful to environment or human health such as pesticides.

With Pepsi or Coca Cola, in fact, it goes to attack the ability of the mice to make burps, and then release the gas contained in the carbonated soft drinks. Pour some Pepsi or Coca Cola into a plate and put it near the places of passage of these animals, or even under a sink or in dark corners, rodents will be attracted by the sweetness of the drink. After they drink some of this carbonated soft drink, they will die because they are unable to free your body from carbon dioxide.

If you are having a problem with mice in house and try to get rid of them naturally, below are some of helpful tips that you can try.

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