How To Apply Lipstick perfectly

Lipstick is the product that gives your Makeup the finishing touch. It unites the colors you have used to bring your face alive.

Because our Lips are the most sensual feature on our face careful attention should be given to them when applying Lipstick. With that in mind we recommend the following 5 Tips:

1. Prior to applying your Lipstick you should use a Lip Liner to give your lips a neatly defined edge.

2. Apply a little moisturizer to soften your Lips and also to help the Lipstick to glide on more easily.

3. Apply a light coat of foundation to your Lips to act as a base and to help even out the color.

4. Outline the natural edge of your lips with a Lip Pencil that is not more than one shade darker than the Lipstick you'll be using. The Lip Liner keeps the color from bleeding and it gives you a guideline for applying your Lipstick.

5.When it's time to apply your Lipstick, relax your mouth so it opens slightly. Using a Lip Brush, apply your Lipstick starting at the center of each lip working outwards to fill in the Lipstick.


If you'd like a deeper effect press your lips gently with a tissue without smudging or removing too much of the Lipstick and then apply another coat of Lipstick.

You can prevent your Lipstick from sticking to your teeth by inserting a finger inside your mouth and withdraw it slowly to remove any excess Lipstick from inside your lips.

The Pouty Lip

Step One:  Lining the lip. It's important that you always use a lip liner.  A lip liner is used to define and create the perfect pout.  You can use your natural line or draw a more defined larger lip. 

Directions for lining the lips:

Start with the center of your lips, the heart of the upper lip.  Start with defining the right side from the center to the right corner.  Continue with the bottom lip over to the left corner.  Move to the upper lip and close the heart.  The perfect pout!!!!  Always use a liner that is a shade or two darker than your lipstick, stick with the same tone (don't use red with a brown lip color).  Always use lip liner when using lip-gloss, it will add to the sexy pout.
Step Two: Lip Color-Choose a color that is right for you.  Color can be applied with a brush for a more opaque look; it's great to add gloss after the lipstick.  This will help keep your Lip Color strong and the gloss will stay on longer.
Directions for Lip Color: Start with the right side of the lips, upper lip first.  Lip Color should be inside the lip liner, not on the outside of the liner!  Be careful not to put color on the inside of the lips, you don't want the Lip Color on your teeth.
  Illustrated Lips Makeover

Get fuller lips in 4 easy steps:

   1. Apply lip
liner just outside the natural outline of your lips,
   but don’t exaggerate.

   2. Blend in the
lip liner toward the middle of the lips.

   3. Add your chosen shade of

   4. Followed by a touch of lighter,
pearly lipstick

   to the middle of your lips, both top and bottom.
   This will create a three-dimensional effect, giving your lips a ‘pouty’ look.


How to correct asymmetric lips?

 Prime with lip make up base and apply lip liner . line the thinner lip
   just outside the natural outline of the lip and the thicker one
   keeping to its natural outline. Apply
lipstick inside the lip liner.

How to achieve a straighter lip line?

   1. If the corners of your mouth turn only slightly downwards,
   applying lip liner slightly upwards at the corners of the mouth
   can make them appear straighter.
   If the downward-turn is more pronounced, start by correcting the line from the
Cupid's bow.

   2. Leave the line open-ended at the corner of the mouth.

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