Homemade Makeup Remover & Face Wash

The makeup remover and face wash I have been using for the last few months is almost unbelievable!
They are simple natural products no animal testing, no harsh ingredients.  
It was always right under my nose and these products I've been using are probably right under yours too!

Okay enough of the run around, What is it already?

For my makeup remover I use Olive Oil.
Olive oil doesn't just remove your makeup it will break down long lasting and waterproof makeup, it will also soften your skin.
I put a small amount in a mini spray bottle.
 I spray it on a piece of  tissue or cotton ball.
Then watch your makeup melt off.

Now you maybe saying "there is no way I am putting olive oil on my face"
I completely understand that because I was the same way before I found out that Olive Oil's molecules are to large to be absorbed in to our pores! 
*Olive oil has added benefits in nourishing the skin
It contains lots of antioxidants like VitaminE and VitaminK
If you go back and watch my video Why do we get dark circles?, I mention that VitaminK is key in lessening the appearance of dark circles.
*It also has Squalene which is in a lot of moisturizers, besides also being present in our own bodies and in all plant and animal life.

After I remove my makeup with the olive oil my face feels slick and oily, but completely clear of makeup and soft.
Now it's time to wash my face! 
So I grab my box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda!
Yep Baking Soda, it works so good. I was in shock after the first time I used it! 
The first time I used baking soda as a cleanser was because of one of my subscribers had told me about it! I looked over and saw that I was out of my Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean for Normal to Oily Skin.
I wanted to use that cleanser cause my skin felt filthy, I also had a bad breakout.
I glanced over and saw that the box of baking soda was sitting next to my cleanser.
So I tried it, I poured a bit of baking soda (bicarbonate soda) in my hand and wet it then I started washing and scrubbing.
It took a little extra rinsing off but when I was done my skin felt great! 
I really was in disbelief that my face felt better then when I wash with most of my Face Washes.
Using Baking Soda cleared up my breakout so quick, and my face wasn't just clean it was POLISHED!

*If you have oily skin you will love this! 
*If you have dry skin make sure you use the olive oil first this will soften flakey skin and make it lift with ease.
*If you have a breakout you should exfoliate with the baking soda or at least exfoliate the breakout area you will love how quickly it heals up the blemishes.
*If you hate looking at blackheads on your nose or chin you will love washing your face with baking soda it will completely clean them up! 

**WARNING if you are sensitive for any reason Do NOT wash your face with Baking Soda!!!
 Be careful with the baking soda just like any exfoliator remember  NOT to over scrub or use baking soda to wash your face everyday! once a week should be fine!

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