Hosting over the holidays has quite the bad rap of being costly and time consuming.  Take a cue from this holiday brunch created by Gigi of It’s a Sparkly Life and take the stress out of holiday entertaining! With beautiful details such as the naked cake and calligraphy signs, you can easily impress without much effort. We are absolutely loving the neutral and red color scheme, how beautiful is that?! Here are five easy ways that Gigi managed to create an easy, yet Pinterest worthy brunch without breaking the bank!
1. Source out
Gigi sourced out several of the food components to save valuable time. We’re not saying buy the pre-made section of your grocer, but get creative! Donuts from a local artisanal shop and oversized pretzels provided yummy snacks that were easy to display and fun to snack on for guests. A cereal bar also added a twist for adults and kids alike. None of these particular things were especially expensive but definitely got everyone’s attention!
2. Back to the basics
Flowers are a key component to holiday entertaining but why not rethink classics, like carnations? Tucked under different sized wreaths, they brought a whimsical touch to the event.
3. Etsy is your best friend
There are so many amazing calligraphers out there that are willing to work with you and your budget. Chances are you can probably even find one in your own hometown! Gigi provided a leftover piece of plywood from a home renovation project to calligrapher Olive Branch & Co, and the result was a seriously swoon-worthy menu!
4. Simplify
Instead of worrying about several eye-catching desserts, focus on just one. Place it on a raised pedestal to bring attention to it. Naked cakes are always a stunning choice, especially when garnished with flowers or seasonal fruits.
5. DIY decor
A can of gold spray paint can go a long way! Metallic home accents are all the rage around the holidays but often come at a hefty price tag. Why not just spray paint candle holders that are lying around the garage or at a thrift store? The gold candle holders in these pictures were actually lime green at one point in time! Paired with seasonal fruit like cranberries and pomegranates, the tables were all decked out and with little cost.
Styling by: Gigi Madanipour // @itsasparklylife
Photography by: Charuk Studios // @charukstudios
Florals by: Bell Jar Botanicals
Calligraphy by: Olive Branch & Co
Specialty Food Items by: Bayard Gateaux, Bretzel et Compagnie, Mix it Canada, Trou de Beigne Donuts

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