Effective Home Remedies For Black Spots on Your Face

Effective Home Remedies For Black Spots on Your Face
Dark spots are one of the most common problems that show up on aging or unhealthy skin, and they’re also one of the most dreaded. Dark spots, for example age spots, sun spots, and melasma can be displayed on your face, hands, shoulders, and legs. To yield a proper glowing skin, you must plan a healthy diet plan. Include fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts inside your daily diet chart. Here we list some natural home remedies for Black spots on the face.

Home Remedies for Black Spots :

Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is the most effective and straightforward remedy for treating black spots evidently. Just apply the lemon juice directly within the affected skin area. Leave it for Half an hour then rinse with plain water. It bleaches the dark spots.

Aloe Vera
Take the aloe Vera gel and apply around the dark pots. Wash it after 20minutes. Natural aloe-vera is the best dark spot remover. The natural aloe-vera removes the acne scars, acne marks etc. The dark spots are formed because of acnes, pimples. The aloe Vera is the greatest dark spot, black spot corrector if they’re of acne spots and pimple spots.

Steam Treatment
Another efficient way of blackhead removal is steam treatment. Take boiled water inside a big bowl and put the face just over it. Cover your face completely with a towel capture the steam.

After Five to ten minutes take a home-made scrubber such as a combination of banana and sugar and scrub the face area well. Now rinse with cold water and apply cold liquor of fresh tea leaves as

Take potato and slice it after which apply these slices in your affected areas and leave for 20 minutes after 20 minutes wash your face with tepid to warm water. It will give you very positive and good result.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is another best natural dark black spot corrector. The anti-inflammatory and acidic properties within the castor oil helps to get rid of the black spots. Apply using castor oil directly to the spots. The using castor oil will help the spots to fade.

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