Ciao for Now, Bellas! - Venice


Sometimes, the universe offers you up a gift so unexpected and marvelous you can’t imagine what you did to deserve it. Come to think of it, those gifts appear rather regularly, they just don’t all come in the form of a trip to Italy. Yes, tomorrow I’m off to Venice and nearby Abano Terme, a region known for its hot springs and mud baths. I’m staying at the recently renovated Abano Grand Hotel & Spa, touring the Venato wine region, and sipping prosecco like it’s my job . . . because on this particular trip it is. Sometimes, being a beauty writer has its perks.

Team BB will be blogging while I’m abroad (I see a makeup brush cleaning tutorial in your future!), but I’ll be on instagram all week, possibly posting a disproportionate number of photos in my fluffy robe. See you there!

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