Best Makeup Brushes Ever? Meet Sigma Beauty

Although my plans for Indie Beauty Week were foiled last week by a power outage, I’d be remiss to deprive you of this discovery! Minneapolis-based Sigma Beauty has taken the industry by storm with it’s almost-too-good-to-be-true makeup brushes. They perform like many pricier alternatives yet cost way less. The collection is a bit overwhelming if you’re not a professional artist, which is why Sigma’s quick tutorials are so fab. Like How to Contour, which makes me want to collect contouring brushes!

Best Makeup Brushes

Then there are the foundation brushes, my favorite. Once you apply foundation with the right brush, you’ll never go back.

Best Makeup Brushes

And the blush brushes, oh my! I’ve always wanted one made specifically for STIPPLING cream blush, haven’t you?

Best Makeup Brushes

If it’s time to invest in a full set, consider the Essential Kits. Starting at just $98 for 12 full-size brushes, these are all most of us will ever need—and then some. There are also plenty of fine vegan options for those of you who prefer synthetic versus animal hair. I definitely do when it comes to applying creams, liquid and concealer, because they don’t soak up the product.

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